There are two versions of our Knowledge Search Tool you can use: a SIMPLE and a COMPLEX one.

The SIMPLE version is temporarily more complex to use, as you must process the entire information on the map at once. It provides slightly different end results than the COMPLEX version. Using the SIMPLE version, you first find the branch(es) you want in the main 18. You can click and search there, or you can enlarge to go to the sub-branches, and then click and search.

The COMPLEX version presents you with only the 18 main branches. You can click and fill the search field at that level just like the SIMPLE version, or you can now click on the branch and it will automatically expand, so that you can then click on the sub-branches without expanding it yourself.

The next version to be released by the end of the month (or earlier) will combine and automate the above searches. The final beta will do all that and show YOU the branches and sub-branches applicable, in all knowledge, automatically, and let you select a search with any and all uses and answers possible to any query or question. That will take us several months, but in the meantime, on an almost daily basis, we will release updates, between now and that product.

You MUST have a license to use our technology and intellectual property for commercial uses. We can not only see it being used on our sites; because of the uniqueness of the algorithms and technology, we can see anybody that uses it. Please do the right thing. People do not need licenses, businesses do. However, for a FIVE-DOLLAR fee, every person can buy a commercial-use license. When the time comes that companies who did not buy a license are no longer able to do so, the only way to stay in business will be to hire people with licenses.