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The New Computerized User interface, for the first 800+ “Branches of Knowledge" in the “HYWY 101©" Map allows Users to complete a simple, two-step process, to create a perfect “Search” of anything and everything. Users find any spot or Branch on the Map to Start. Only the use of the first 18 Main Branches are needed for a General Search. More specific or complex Searches can use multiple Main and Sub Branches. In one click, by adding the “Context, name or question", the result is delivered automatically to the User, from a Search Engine without advertizing, spam or pop-ups (waste of time).

Type your question into the “HYWY 101©" search bar first, appending the + symbol after each word, then click on the map for either a simple search using the main 18 branches, or a complex search using any or all of the 18 branches and 800+ sub-branches.